Radiation Shielding Doors

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Radiation Shielding Doors (Steel /RCC /HDPE/LEAD)

i. Radiation Shielding Steel Doors

We have Designed, Supplied and Commissioned many Radiation Shielding Special Doors like Vault Type Doorsand Steel Hinged Sandwiched Doors with LEAD & HDPE Sheets.

Top Hung HDPE PERSPEX Sliding Doors with LEAD & HDPE and Motorized Steel Plug Door as per BARC Norms for Cyclotron to Ministry of Defence Project.

ii. Radiation Shielding RCC Doors

We have designed, supplied, installed & commissioned Radiation Shielding Motorized RCC Sliding Door with different sizes. Width ranging from 5 to 7.5m and height ranging from 3.9m to 8.5m and thickness ranging from 160mm to 1200mm  to various establishment in Defence and public sectors.

Radiation Shielding Doors

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